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Premium Line Management

We have a dedicated team of experienced and knowledgeable line movers watching your lines. We don’t just follow Don Best here; we keep your lines attractive and competitive to your players without exposing you to excessive risk. As if that was not enough, we have our own Props, Futures and Match-Up Department, so the work load is well distributed among our line movers. Even more, we have a Soccer Department in charge of giving you the sharpest lines in every major football league in the world. At every shift, 24 hours a day, you can rest assure there are plenty of line movers per department making sure your players are getting the most accurate lines for your package’s interest. [Top]

Over 25 Years Wagering Experience

Our management staff has been involved in the wagering industry for almost three decades. They are knowledgeable in every aspect of the industry. From the small $5-dollar-per-pick player to the sharp guy; whatever kind of player you have on your package; we guarantee we know exactly how handle them. The management consists of well-known and respected individuals with extensive experience in bookmaking. [Top]

State-of-the-Art Technology

We use the most compelling, comprehensive and secure software available to manage your lines, keep track of your accounts, generate reports, take wagers, grade and record all your accounts’ activity. But we don’t rely solely on technology. Behind our state-of-the-art software stands an extremely capable and talented staff. Be it our knowledgeable telephone clerks, our efficient account managers or the experienced line movers, we are here to provide the best online and over the phone wagering experience for you and your customers.

All calls are digitally recorded, time stamped and available for you or your client to review at any time. [Top]

European/Asian/ North American & Latin American odds

We offer an extensive selection of wagering lines from various Sports and different leagues around the world. We offer wagering lines for every game of the NBA, NFL, NHL as well as NCAA Division I Football and Basketball. We bring to your clients wagering lines on F1 and NASCAR, and both European and American PGA Golf Tournaments and every major boxing event. When it comes to soccer, we offer 3-way Asian Handicap lines on every major professional league around the globe. Whether your clients are interested in betting on the Super Bowl, the Grand Slams, the World Cup, or the Oscars – we’ve got you covered. [Top]

Post Up Marketing

Post Up Shop or Credit Shop are two different modes of wagering. At a Post Up Shop, players MUST deposit money before making any wager. At a Credit Shop, players can bet without actually depositing money, but are held liable for any losses they incur.

Given the choice between Post Up or Credit, we highly recommend having your clients go with Post Up online wagering. Why? Well, for one thing, putting up money first prior to actually betting makes transactions and payouts much easier. If your client wins, they will receive their money back plus their winnings; however, if they lose, the receiver simply keeps the bet. Post Up also limits a gambler to their physical bank roll; which can be handy especially in cases where your client might place too many bets, develop a gambling problem, or have difficulties making transactions. The Agent can save his time, money and aggravation.

Post Up is very reliable in that these businesses tend to have more liquid cash available for payouts. You and your clients can be sure of receiving your payments for this reason as well as BookemDirect’s reliability and integrity throughout their years of practice.

How does this work for the Agent? Simple. If you would prefer post up accounts, contact our marketing department at [email protected] and we will help you set up your banking and merchant accounts, as well as marketing tips, and get your post up operation started right away. [Top]

Professional, Personalized Agent Service

Our Account Managers are professionals with many years of experience in the offshore betting industry. They are fully dedicated to providing customer service and support solely to our agents. They will assist you with any changes or adjustments you need to make to your players profiles. They can provide professional consulting on developing successful gaming operations. [Top]

ABC Easy Enrollment

You can enroll with us in 3 easy and secure steps. Give us a call at 1-888-826-6536 or email us at [email protected] and receive all the information you need to set up your account. Our Account Managers will discuss the different services and fees available. Once you make the decision of pairing up with the industries finest Price Per Head Service, our Customer Support department would set up your accounts and help you manage your players’ wagering profiles. All we would need for you is a list of passwords you would like to assign your players. Our system would generate an alphanumeric player id for your clients to log in either by your newly assigned toll free number or your customizable website. [Top]

24/7 Service and Support

Your clients will have direct access to our betting website and your dedicated toll free number 24 hours a day, every day. Every wager placed through our service will be handled quickly, efficiently and courteously.

There will always be a representative ready to take your clients action, give you a report on your player’s status or make any necessary adjustment in their profiles. From the Agents’ Website, you can access various detailed reports to follow your players’ activity, the figures on your package, the exposure per game, and many other key reports to help you stay in control of your business. [Top]

Bookie Agent Software / Reporting

Our bookmaking software user interface is clean and concise. When designing it, our software developers concentrated on the user friendliness of the system. Even if your clientele is not too familiar with online wagering sites, our software is set up so that your clients can place their bets with just a couple clicks.

From within your personalized website you can read or print various reports offered in real-time about your players’ activity and keep track of your business. [Top]

Free Customized Website

After sign-up, you can pair up with our web design team to organize the details and looks of your free personalized website. We manage the sites maintenance, we even host it ourselves so you don’t have to incur further expenses. Within your custom-made website your clients will be able to place their wagers, check their weekly figures, wagering history and keep track of their open plays with our user-friendly wagering software. Further, we have created an online platform that integrates our Racebook Software and Vegas Style Casino, so your clients can access all our services from your personal site. [Top]

No extra charge for casino losses

We don’t charge any commissions for losses on the casino. No hidden fees, no fine print. If you sign in your package for casino access, any losses are yours and yours only. [Top]

Live Betting – Vegas Style Casino & Racebook

We go far beyond just offering an extensive selection of sports and leagues on our sportsbook. When pairing up with BookemDirect you truly take your business to the next level. We offer Vegas Style Online Casino with over 30 different games. With our racebook your clients can write tickets on over 30 tracks around the world. But there is more. We offer live wagering every week on the best games around the globe. Be it Soccer, Basketball, Football, we offer live-lines so your clients can wager right as the action is taking place. When you join BookemDirect you offer your clients a chance to experience and wager like they would on any top-notch sporstbook in the wagering industry. The only difference is that they would still be dealing with the same agent they have come to know and trust. [Top]

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