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BookemDirect is the smart bookie’s bet. If you are looking for a reliable and knowledgeable data processing and bookmaking service provider, then you have come to the right place. BookemDirect has been the answer to many successful entrepreneurs who have trusted their players’ accounts and data processing service needs to our company for many years.

When partnering up with BookemDirect you can rest assured that your players are receiving exceptional customer services. Your client’s plays are always going to be booked in a courteous, friendly and efficient matter. We have a team of account managers fully dedicated to providing our agents with real-time reports whenever they see fit, 24hrs a day, every day. Our account managers will assist you with any updates, changes or adjustments that need to be done on your players’ wagering profiles.

All our telephone representatives are fully bilingual, efficient and experienced wagering clerks. They have received extensive theoretical and practical training that enables them to take your players action quickly and effortlessly. Our clerks speak clear concise English and are easily understood. Not only is our telephone staff supportive and customer friendly, it also offers your clients the sharpest lines available.

BookemDirect has invested serious money to bring in some of the industries finest, most capable and intuitive line movers. These men have been in the business for over a decade each. We don’t just follow Don Best or any other line service providers here. Our lines are set following the industry standards, yet the flexibility of our state-of-the-art software and the detailed information we receive from our line sources and feeds allow our line movers to adjust the lines in real-time in order to safeguard the integrity of your package.

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BookemDirect.com is a fully licensed Price Per Head data processing firm operating in San Jose, Costa Rica. We are a respected and well-known PPH Company with over 10 years of experience in the offshore bookmaking industry. BookemDirect is your online and over the phone bookmaking solution. Read More

All our data and backups are protected with advanced encryption methods to meet our high security demands. Our system is protected by multiple firewalls and implements user authentication services by means of Network Access Protection. We meet the highest standards when it comes to Secure Network Communications protocols. Read More